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For Surgeons

Bolt puts you in control.

A surgeon operating on a patient

Benefits for Surgeons

Time Efficient

Bolt's simplicity can meaningfully reduce OR time while offering precision navigation.

Improved Workflow

You control the navigation so staff can focus on supporting you and your case.

Cost Effective

No capital expense, no budget struggles, no maintenance fees, economic disposable costs.

Safe and Swift

Bolt's intuitive workflow mitigates risks associated with legacy navigation systems.

In Control

No relying on complex equipment or other people. Bolt is navigation that you control.

Implant Agnostic

Choose the implant system that is best for you, your patient and the hospital.

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A solution for surgeons by surgeons

Bolt respects the surgeon, their training and their capabilities. It is technology that is designed to enhance your skills.

Female surgeon in operation room with reflection in glasses

Provides only what you need

A solution that offers confidence and control – nothing more, nothing less. Reduces room congestion and improves sterile technique.

Portrait of Focused and Concentrated Surgeon Performing Surgical Operation in Modern Operating Room.

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Bolt allows me to place fixation more quickly, with greater confidence, and less radiation exposure. It does so without any of the complexity, commotion and time associated with other navigation systems or robots.

Mark W, M.D.

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