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Intuitive spine navigation

Accuracy simplified

Bolt is an elegantly easy solution that re-envisions spine navigation with the surgeon in mind. Its sleek design, familiar user interface, and gyroscope-on-chip technology are designed to make spine surgery safer and more accurate for any surgeon, in any setting, anyplace in the world.

Cutting edge technology

Bolt leverages the latest, best in class, advanced technologies to offer uncompromising functionality and performance.

Control your destiny

Bolt allows the surgeon to control their workflow and environment. No need to rely on large complex system run by others.

Supporting the move to the ACS

Bolt's implant agnostic design is predictably cost effective. It is the perfect companion technology for the move to the outpatient setting.

Confidence without complexity


Use the system to capture images of the surgical levels from standard pre-op CT / MRI (axial) and X-rays (lateral).


Use the familiar touchscreen to quickly and easily plan fixation placement.


The systems powerful processor and gyroscope provides real time positioning updating every millionth of a second to hundredth of a degree accuracy.

Confidence without complexity

A demonstration of the bolt navigation product on a phone
A demonstration of the bolt navigation product on a phone showing the L5 vertebrae
A demonstration of the bolt navigation product on a phone showing the way to navigate



Mean translation ≤ 1mm / mean angular ≤ 1°


A10 Fusion quad-core SoC

Image Capture

8MP camera with auto stabilization


Three axis gyroscope – millionth of a degree measurement

IEC Compliance

IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2

Emissions Characteristics

CISPR 11 Class A & B


123.4 x 58.6 x 6.1 mm (4.86 x 2.31x 0.24 in.)


Space Grey

Doctor in surgical clothes looking at vertebral mri scan

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Bolt be used with any implant system?

Yes, the Bolt Navigation System is completely implant agnostic.

What is the accuracy of the system?

Benchtop and cadaveric studies demonstrate 2-degree mean accuracy.

Is any special imaging or an O-arm required to use the system?

No special imaging is required. Bolt leverages a true lateral X-ray acquired once the patient is positioned combined with images from their diagnostic MRI or CT.

How do I get the system?

The system is available on a subscription basis. The cost covers all upgrades, replacement devices and service. One monthly charge for the system – that’s it. No cap-ex and no maintenance fees.

Who runs the system?

You do! No waiting for reps or techs. No depending on complex integrated systems. The surgeon controls everything. All staff has to do is drop the unit into the sterile drape and put it in the case.

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