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For Nurses

Bolt – a better navigation experience.

Portrait of a nurse looking happy in an operating room

Benefits for Nurses

Efficient & Flexible

Bolt's simplicity can meaningfully reduce OR time and increase room / resource flexibility.

Improved Workflow

No special techs, reduced reliance on reps, no in-and-out of room during spins.

Safe and Swift

Faster procedures with less radiation exposure for you and the patient.

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Simplified navigation

Bolt’s elegant design simplifies and streamlines surgical procedures.  Fewer, easily executed steps support superior outcomes.

Nurse working with technology in operating room

Fewer people, less frustration

Reduce in-room personnel, door openings, and complex systems that break down.  The focus is on the patient and the procedure – where it should be

Surgeons performing a surgical procedure

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My staff loves the Bolt system. Cases go much quicker, there is little to go wrong or break down and we can easily schedule cases in any room - even at the last minute.

Jane B.
Nurse Manager

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