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For Admins

Bolt puts you in control.

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Benefits for Administrators

Cost Effective

Straight forward subscription with no capital expense or annual maintenance fees.

Implant Agnostic

Change the implant negotiating dynamic and give staff what they want.

Time Efficient

Bolt's simplicity can meaningfully reduce OR time and increase room / resource flexibility.

Improved Workflow

No special rad-techs or hospital support personnel & reduced reliance on outsiders.

Safe and Swift

Faster procedures with less radiation exposure for patients and staff

In Control

Negotiate the deals that are best for the hospital, surgeon and patient.

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Operational efficiency

Bolt provides superior navigation technology in any OR setting without the need for additional techs, reps or specialists.

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A disruptive business proposition

A zero capital and maintenance cost subscription model that includes ongoing upgrades and improvements. No more hyper-expensive capital sitting in the corner gathering dust.

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We are so tired of spending millions on the 'next great technology' only to have it cast aside after a year or two. Bolt's subscription model allow us to break this cycle, eliminate cap-ex and maintenance fees, and actually cost us less on a per-case basis.

Peter G.
V.P. Finance & Strategy

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