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Spinal surgery simplified.

Our intuitive surgical navigation system puts the surgeon in total control.

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Bolt’s technology offers powerfully accurate surgical navigation, that fits in the palm of your hand.

Smaller, safer, faster, better

A screen of the navigation feature during surgery

A new age of navigation technology

The Bolt system respects and enhances the surgeon’s training and capabilities. Its gyroscope-on-chip technology is remarkably accurate, dramatically reduces cost, and improves efficiency.

Time Efficient

Bolt’s elegant simplicity meaningfully reduces surgery time. It is simple to use, eliminates registration, needs no special imaging, and requires no techs or operators.

Improved Workflow

Bolt's intuitive setup can be used with any implant system, requires little staff action, and has virtually zero footprint.

Cost Effective

Bolt allows any surgeon in any setting access to cutting-edge navigation technology on a straightforward subscription basis with no cap ex.

Safe and Swift

Bolt is designed to mitigate the risks associated with legacy navigation systems and reduces radiation exposure to staff and patients.

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I don’t need a million-dollar drill guide to place pedicle screws – let alone one that complicates and slows my cases. I need a technology that allows me the ability to place fixation more quickly, with greater confidence and reduces radiation exposure.

Mark W., M.D.

My staff loves it when the surgeons use the bolt system as the cases go so much smoother and quicker. I love it because any of the surgeons can use it in any room which makes scheduling much, much easier.

Jane B.
Nurse Manager

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