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Can bolt be used with any implant system?

Yes, the bolt Navigation System is completely implant agnostic.

How do I get the system?

The system is available on a subscription basis. The cost covers all upgrades, replacement devices and service. One monthly charge for the system – that’s it. No cap-ex and no maintenance fees.

Who runs the system?

You do! No waiting for reps or techs. No depending on complex integrated systems. The surgeon controls everything. All staff has to do is drop the unit into the sterile drape and put it in the case.

Who services the system?

The system should require no service. If a unit is not functioning for any reason, a new one will be supplied the next day or sooner.

What is the accuracy of the system?

Benchtop and cadaveric studies demonstrate 2-degree mean accuracy.


Is any special imaging or an O-arm required to use the system?

No special imaging is required. Bolt leverages a true lateral X-ray acquired once the patient is positioned combined with images from their diagnostic MRI or CT.

How do I register the instruments with this system?

Bolt requires no registration.

Can I pre-plan the placement?

The bolt system is designed so the surgeon can quickly plan intraoperatively to accommodate any changes or variances that occur during the procedure.

Does the orientation of the Bolt system matter?

Yes, the Bolt unit should be aligned along the long axis of the patient with the top toward the head.

What if the the Bolt Navigation Unit gets lost?

The company can wipe the system remotely and under the subscription model will supply a new unit. (Up to three replacements in a calendar year.)


What if the patient’s spine segment demonstrates a rotational deformity?

The design of the system accounts for this.

What if the patient has scoliosis and one pedicle is more caudal than the other

A true lateral image is necessary, thus multiple x-rays may be needed to ensure that the endplates of the vertebral body line up for each segment that will have pedicle screws.

I like to use reverse Trendelenburg, is that OK?

Yes, as long as you capture your lateral image in that orientation and the system is used while the patient is in that exact same position. The patient cannot be airplaned while capturing images or using the system.

Is patient data entered into the the Bolt Navigation Unit from the EMR or hospital system?

No, it is not integrated with the EMR. The system uses MR or CT scan information from pre-op imaging and a lateral X-ray once the patient is placed on the table.

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